The 2019 Econ Games

The Econ Games were created in 2017 by students at Northern Kentucky University wishing for a rigorous economics competition for undergraduate students. Their goal was to incorporate the topics and critical thinking they receive from their economics degree with with data analytics to solve real-world problems.

The 2019 Econ Games will be taking place at Northern Kentucky on March 29th. Students will be required to analyze a data set and answer a research questions. Students will have all of Northern Kentucky University’s campus as their research laboratories. At the end of the day students will present their results. The event will include opportunities for students from all of the universities to build lasting connections. There will be a speaker giving a presentation how they use economics and data analysis in the workplace.     

The Econ Games strives to build community of undergraduate economic students from all over the state and engage them with economics. We hope that you decide to join us on March 29th.