The Summer Data Camp will be held from May 13th to May 17th 2019. The 5-day camp will be hosted at the NKU Haile/US Bank College of Business from 10-12pm. The tentative schedule is as follows:

policy makers. The first day will also include an introduction to Stata.

Day 1- May 13th:

Why learn about data? Examples of how data can be useful for businesses, governments, researchers, and policy makers. The first day will also include an introduction to Stata.

Day 2- May 14th:

Making sense of data. Types of data/variables. Types of analytics. Data cleaning. Students work with data. 

Day 3- May 15th:

Guest Speaker: Sam Ingram. UK graduate student in economics. Sam has a finance undergraduate degree from NKU. 

Transforming data to information. How to present data, and common mistakes to avoid.

Cincinnati Reds Data Team and game. 5pm-9pm at Great American Ball Park. Each participants will receive a ticket and $9 in concessions. The Reds play the Cubs that day. Transportation is not provided. Please carpool with other participants. 

Day 4-May 16th: 

Guest Speaker: Alex Altevers and Team. How 84.51  uses data to make decisions. Alex is a graduate of NKU with a degree in Data Science.

Second part of class is focused on Data visualization in Stata and Tableau Public.

Day 5- May 17th:  

Introduction to research design. Information on conferences, classes and other opportunities to continue learning about data.

Closing and dismissal. 

Required: A laptop and a student version of Stata. Purchase the Stata/IC. A six month license is $45. For Econ majors, I recommend purchasing the perpetual license for $198.

Expectation: Camp participants are expected to attend every day. While class time is only 2 hours long, you are expected to allocate 1 to 2 hours of additional time outside of class per day.

Contact: Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani @DrAALBahrani or