The History of The Econ Games

2018- First Econ Games- Online version

2019- 2nd Annual Econ Games- Hosted by NKU. Data Sponsor 84.51

2020- 3rd Annual Econ Games- Hosted by UK. Data Sponsor 84.51

2021- Virtual Challenge collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

How The Econ Games Started

The Econ Games were created in 2017 by students at Northern Kentucky University who wanted to design a rigorous economics competition for undergraduate students. Their goal was to incorporate topics and skills from their economics degree with data analytics to solve real-world problems.


The Econ Games evolved from its initial format to include partnership with private firms in an effort to incorporate the use of actual company data to enhance students’ real-world experience through the efforts of Dr. Al-Bahrani (NKU) and Dr. Patel (University of Kentucky). The 2019 Econ Games grew to include a corporate sponsor.

Students are challenged by our corporate sponsor to help them solve a business problem. The Econ Games are hosted on a university campus and students will have all of campus as their research laboratory. At the end of the day, students will present their results. Students will also hear presentations from industry leaders about how they use economics and data analysis at their firm. The event will include opportunities for students to build lasting personal and professional connections with peers and businesses in the region.


The Econ Games are an opportunity for students to learn real-life applications of the data and statistical methods they learn about in class. The games provide students with the chance to connect with industry leaders and engage in meaningful discussion. Most importantly, The Econ Games help build a community of undergraduate economic students and connects them with colleagues from other.